Alice Project 1

Build an animation for an electronic greeting card (any occasion you choose birthday, get well, etc.). You can get ideas from the following web sites:

The animation is to be a movie (that is, not interactive). It is to include the following features:

  1. It must include at least 2 methods (not including first animation).

  2. At least 1 of the methods must have a parameter. The method with a parameter is to be called at least twice, with different parameter values.

Your methods must be logical. In other words, do not just take 5 random lines of code, and put them together to form a method. There must be a logical function that the method performs.

You are also to create a storyboard for your animation. The storyboard should be done first.

You will give a presentation next week where you are required to show off your storyboard and then demonstrate a working version of your program.

Grading is to be as follows:

Please note that this assignment is to be done individually.