Alice Chapter 6 Lab 1

Writing your own function



Exercises from Chapter 6, Section 1

For each of the following exercises, create a storyboard on a separate sheet of paper and then translate the storyboard to a program. Include at least one comment in your program.

  1. Complete Exercise 2: Rotating Tires On A Car or Truck

  2. Complete Exercise 3: Bee Scout

Extra for Experts

  1. Complete Exercise 4: Pyramid Climb

Concept Questions (Short Answers)

  1. A benefit of using built-in functions is that a built-in function can be used to provide information about properties of objects. List three properties of an object that can be determined using built-in functions. (Page # _____ )

  2. Why is a function required to have a return statement whereas a method doesn't have a return statement? (Page # _____ )

  3. (a) List four different types of functions. (Page # _____ )

    (b) What determines the type of a function? (Page # _____ )

  4. Can a function be called from within another function? If not, explain why not. If so, give an example. (Page # _____ )