Alice Chapter 6 Lab 2

Execution Control with If/Else and Boolean Functions



Exercises from Chapter 6, Section 2

For each of the following exercises, create a storyboard on a separate sheet of paper and then translate the storyboard to a program. Include at least one comment in your program.

  1. Complete Exercise 6: Modifications to the Zeus World

  2. Complete Exercise 11: Spanish Vocabulary

Extra for Experts

  1. Complete Exercise 12: Switch

Book Project

  1. Complete Exercise 2: Binary Code Game

Concept Questions (Short Answers)

  1. What type of expression is used in the condition of an If statement? (Page # _____ )

  2. Evaluate (give the value of) each of the following expressions:

    (a)   3 < 5

    (b)   true = = false

    (c)   10 >= 10

    (d)   true and false

  3. Which of the expressions in question 5 (above) is considered a logical expression? Give a reason for your choice. (Page # _____ )

  4. In Alice's drag-and-drop interface, relational operations are listed as part of the World's built-in functions. Give a reason for making relational operations world-level, rather than class-level. (Page # _____ )

  5. What is the purpose of a control structure in a program? (Page # _____ )