Alice Chapter 7 Lab 2



Exercises from Chapter 7 Section 2

  1. Complete Exercise 5.  Frog and Ladybug (p 198)

  2. Complete Exercise 10.  Wind-up Penguin (p 200)

Extra for Experts

  1. Create a space scene with a space ship (SciFi) and a sphere (Shapes), as shown below. The sphere is a comet that is flying towards the space ship.

    Create a game where the player is the captain of the ship and steers the ship, attempting to avoid collision with the comet. If the comet collides with the ship, the space ship becomes invisible and the game is over. Otherwise, if the comet travels beyond the space ship make the comet reappear in front of the spaceship to fly towards the ship again.

    Have the game continue until the comet hits the space ship or the user presses the Space bar to end the game.

    1. Position an invisible circle approximately 50 meters in front of the spaceship and a second one approximately 20 meters behind the spaceship.
    2. Set the spaceship as the vehicle of each circle. Use the circle behind the spaceship as a reference point for determining when the comet has moved past the spaceship.
    3. Use the circle in front of the spaceship as a reference point for repositioning the comet for another try.

    (Thanks to Susan Rodger of Duke University and her students for this idea.)