Alice Chapter 9 Lab 1



Exercises from Chapter 9

  1. Complete Exercise 1.  The wave (p 244)

  2. Complete Exercise 3.  Spring Flowers (p 245)

Concept Questions (Short Answers)

  1. What benefit is gained in a program by using a list of objects? (Page # _____ )

  2. Give a reason for making a list of objects a world-level, rather than a class-level, variable. (Page # _____ )

  3. In the Rockette example world, all the items in the list were instances of the Rockette class. In Exercise 1 above, however, the items in a list are instances of different people. Having items in a list that are not instances of the same class could cause a problem when the program is executed. What do each of the items in a list need to have in common to avoid a problem at runtime? (Page # _____ )