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Hubbard, John, 1998
Schaum's Outline of FUNDAMENTALS OF COMPUTING WITH C++ (McGraw Hill: Toronto) ISBN: 0-07-030868-3

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Chapter 7: Abstract Data Types
Purpose of Programme
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 Programmes  Page
Example 7.6 Defines a sum( ) function in the public section of the Ratio class. The sum( ) function gets access to the num and den variables in the private section of the ratio class because sum( ) is declared in the public section of the class. Thus the num and den variables are said to be implicit arguments of the sum( ) function. Ratio7-6.cpp
Example 7.7 Eliminates the implicit argument by making sum( ) a friend function. Thus both arguments that are to be summed may be passed explicitly! Ratio7-7.cpp
Example 7.8 Separates definitions of member functions from their declarations. Ratio7-8.cpp
Example 7.9 Replaces the sum(Ratio, Ratio) function by overloading the + operator. Ratio7-9.cpp
Example 7.10 Replaces the print() function by overloading the << output operator. Rat7-10.cpp
Example 7.11 Reduces all fractions to lowest terms and ensures that the denominator is positive. Places the reduce() utility function in the private section of the class but treats the swap() and gcd() functions as free functions. Rat7-11.cpp
Examples 7.12 & 7.13 Creates an initialization list for the constructors and demonstrates use of default values for constructor parameters. Rat7-12.cpp
Example 7.14 Creates and invokes a copy constructor. Rat7-14.cpp
Example 7.15 Declares and implements the assignment operator =. Rat7-15.cpp
Example 7.15m Declares, implements and invokes the arithmetic operator functions for addition [+], subtraction [-], multiplication [*] and division [/]. Rat7-15m.cpp
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