Identification Header For Each Program

Example of Header

Ensure that the source code of every program contains an identification header similar to the following.

/** ==========================================================================
  * Class:    ShortEg        Kjell Exercise 8.1     Author: Student Stupendous
  * Version:  001                                      Date:  November 9, 2007
  * Purpose   Experiment with values and variables of different data types.
  * Course:   Computer Science 201                   Teacher:  Gerry Donaldson
  * School:   Sir Winston Churchill High School, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
  * Language: Java J2SE 6.0      Target Operating System: Java Virtual Machine
  * System:   Intel Celeron 3GHz running under Windows XP     IDE: Eclipse 3.2
  * ========================================================================*/

The program should demonstrate the use of good programming techniques. It should include an identification header indicating:

  • Program Name
  • Author
  • Course
  • Term
  • Period
  • Purpose of the Program
  • Date of This Revision
  • School, City, Province, Country
  • Computer Programming Language Used
  • Operating System Targeted
  • Development Tools (CPU and Operating System)
  • IDE (Integrated Development Environment) Used

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