CCC Problem Solutions


Junior Problems

  1. J1 Canadian Calorie Counting

  2. J2 Roll the Dice loops and counting

  3. J3 Cell-Phone Messaging strings and decisions

  4. J4 Tough Being a Teen array handling

  5. J5 CCC Othello 2D array handling

Senior Problems

  1. S1 Maternity basic string handling

  2. S2 Cipher Texts

    S2 Cipher Texts v2 string handling (V2 - inferring the 27th from 26 given requires a more complex approach)

  3. S3 Tin Can Telephone

    S3 Tin Can Telephone (Vec) geometry calculations (Vector approach)

  4. S4 Groups 2D array (matrix) manipulation

  5. S5 Origin of Life

    S5 Origin Of Life (V2) 2D arrays, queues and complex algorithm (find all Edens approach)

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