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The following table contains links to past web sites that address IB Higher Level Computer Science syllabi since 1999. The syllabus actually changed quite a bit effective 2000, so I attempted to match the 1999 web sites with the 2000 syllabi as best I could. The 1999 sites that matched fairly well were mixed with the 2000 and 2001 sites. The 1999 sites that related less directly to the 2000 syllabus were placed at the bottom of the table, for they do still inform the observer about interesting though less testable topics.

Year 2002 web page links are coloured LIME!!

Year 2003 web page links are coloured RED!!

20021.1, 1.2,1.5 Software Cycle, Systems Analysis & Documentation Shing Fai Yuen
20021.1.1 Major Stages of The Software Cycle Marina Dantsiguer
20021.6 Array and String Operations Chris Luce
20031.6 C++ String Handling with C-Type Strings Paul Lapides
20022 Computing System Fundamentals Samir Pradhan
20012.1-2.3 Computer Systems Section Andrew Wong and Ankur Khurana
20002.2 Computer Architecture Ken Shukla & Sithun John
20002.3 Computer Systems Patrick Wong
20002.5 Computer Systems Errors Ryan Thomson
20012.4-2.6 Data Representation, Errors, Utilities Spence Nicholl
20002.6 Utility Software Mike Kiff
20023.1-3.2 Computing Systems & Society James Jun
20013 Computing Systems and Society Muneesh Maini and Bhaskar Murthy
20003 Computing Systems and Society Jeremy ??
20023.1.9 Maintaining Integrity and Security of Data Kyle Howson
20033.3 Prior Case Studies David Liu
20014 Computer Mathematics and Logic Alex Cheung, KaShek Lee, Justin Park
20034.1 Number Systems and Representations Donovan Deschner
20024.1 Number Systems and Representations Fangjin Yang
20024.2 Boolean Logic Lisa Chen
20034.2 Boolean Logic Brian Lau
20034.2.4 Karnaugh Maps Jacky Yeung
19994.3 Super-Duper Guide to Modulo Arithmetic Bryan Callahan & Kelvin Hau
20015 Algorithms and Data Structures Shannon Yao & Jennifer Chong
20025.3 Dynamic Data Structures - Trees Jeff Sipko
20035.3.11-5.3.15 Binary Search Trees Vivek Sail
20025.2 Static Data Structures Jason Liang
20025.4 Objects In Problem Solutions Eugene Chung
20025.4 Objects In Problem Solutions John Lees-Miller
20025.5 Recursion Chris Luce
19995.5 Recursion Mike Fox
19995.5 Recursion Sandi Lau
20005.5 Recursion Victor Ng
20025.6 Algorithmic Efficiency Jason Liang
19995.6 Internal Sorts Hafiz Noordin, Jacob Huh, Sumantra Ghosh
19995.6 Tomato World Searching & Sorting Guild Pong
20016 Further System Fundamentals Dave Milford and Tom Vogel
20016.1 Processor Configuration Vibha Dhawan
20026.1-6.2 Processor Configuration & Machine Instruction Cycle Edward Tsang
20026.3-6.4 Disk Storage Dave Lindsay
20006.4 Operating Systems and Utilities Andrew ??
20006.5 Computer/Peripheral Communication Ken Shukla & Sithun John
Computer Interfacing Justin Wong, Stephen Ho
& Aravin Amirthalingam
20017 System Life Cycle Brian Heward
19997.1.1 Systems Analysis & Design Wayne Chu & Hamon Toor
20018 File Organization Shaun Gowie
20038.1.2 & 8.1.5 C++ Sequential & Direct Accesss File Handling Ian Hern
20028.1.1 - 8.1.6 Files: Serial, Sequential, Partially-Indexed Sequential, Fully-Indexed, Direct access of files of unordered records, moveto() in PURE Cody Watts
20028.1.7 - 8.1.11 Advanced File Organization Josh Kertzer
19998.1.10 External Sorting Bryan Callahan & Kelvin Hau
=========== 1999 = Old Curriculum =======================
The Stellar Crossroads
Full Web Site Maintained After Leaving Churchill
Sandi Lau
Modularity, Robustness, Trace Tables Justin Wong, Stephen Ho
& Aravin Amirthalingam
19992.6 Utilities, Applications, Implications Jaspreet Mehdwan & Zuhair Ladha
Interfacing and Security ???
19995.2 &
Sorting and Searching Bryan Callahan & Kelvin Hau
19995.2 Sorting and Searching Sandy Lau
File Handling Sheldon & Martin
19998 Database Architecture Wayne Chu & Hamon Toor
Networks Wayne Chu & Hamon Toor
19996.4 Operating Systems Wayne Chu & Hamon Toor
19991.6 Arrays Sandi Lau
19997 CPM, Pert and CASE Keith Lo & David Wu
19997.1.1 Systems Analysis & Design Wayne Chu & Hamon Toor
19994.3 Modular Arithmetic Steve West
19997.1.6 Problem Solving: Analytical Methods Jaspreet Mehdwan & Zuhair Ladha

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